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The world moved once more and the hut moved over the body covering it, as sensed through the eyes. The makeshift bench coming up to seat the rear of the body as the succulent pork rose in the right hand to enter the mouth. The mother sat opposite, the food rising to the mouth as did the water within the pitcher afterwards. "It tastes good", the inner magister invocated and the autonomous bodily appreciation enhanced this command producing spittle and verbal grunting noises of approval from the mouth. In unconscious timespan the meal was devoured. It was now to harvest. The body 'memory' knew. The bench beneath the rear fell away as the inner walls of the hut slid downwards in perception. The view rotated and the woman smiled in moving past the body as the earth moved taking the body from within the hut.

The body knew the woman was with the child without smell informing. As the hut door passed by and the bow and quiver of arrows attached to the hand when the latter reached and grasped them.

As the world moved beneath the walking feet awareness of all the sounds of nature about infiltrated the body and the senses therein autonomously analysed them unconsciously. The smell permeated the nostrils and the cornfield approached. The body paused at its entrance. The rough hewn wooden square, on the fence post, with writing on it grabbing attention, almost, yet not, consciousing, as the moving world paused, for a moment. "This 'writing' thing is bad", the inner companion informed, "You must destroy it". The wooden square met the kicked foot and the ground came up to meet it. The body entered the field and the corn growing in the ground came easily up in the hands as it harvested.

There was no concept of time within the body. It was just, "is". The sun commenced setting. The lower body part told 'hungry' so the world turned and moved past as travel back to the hut commenced.


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