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As the hut approached another man was seen to appear as the hut moved away from this man, very fast. The second son paused, apprehensiveness autonomously filling the senses. The world stopped moving as this man was watched. "The man is from the group over the hill", the internal magister informed, "This one does not hear as the second son hears. There is something wrong. Kill the man"

The second son watched as the hands fitted an arrow to the bow and aim was taken at the man. The arrow loosed, the man held the arrow in the neck and the world came up to meet the man.

The second son smelt burning and the world commenced moving fast as the feet caused the world to move faster towards the hut. As the hut door came past the hut flames were sent into the face and the world came up to meet the body as it fell backwards from the blast. A rock on the ground hit the head.

When the world revealed itself again the hut was no more. The world fell downwards as the body sat up. The head moved down into the hands that rose to meet it. A hurt commenced building internally. The situation knew not what to do. "Look inside the burnt hut", the instruction came and was obeyed without thought or question. No-body had survived. The second son commenced crying from the hurt welling inside. The body did not know why. For the first time in many moons the left lobe asked internally what to do. "You must bury the dead ones," The internal magister replied. The second son set about this task.

The ground was hard and did not help in rising as the rudimentary spade was intimate with it. Eventually the hole appeared. The second son dragged each burnt body to this hole and wondered why the earth was not moving as fast as it should. The body could not, yet, consciousise why, but the first step away from bicamerality had commenced.


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