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'MORE SAFER EVEN STILL' -- Is this the Answer?:

James ran a small business hiring his bobcat and selling rocks. He didn't know it was a 'skidsteer loader' at first. He built amazing rock-walls. He had been doing it for 20 years. Then, all of sudden he had to get 'accredited' to drive his bobcat!

James was obedient so he turned up for the bobcat-accreditation course, BCC3008A 01 through 10, having paid for it. Other blokes were there. A thick book was handed out and James worried what was in it. At the "Examination" James put the book in his duffle-bag and tackled the questions owithin the 'Assessment.' In his own way. All the others appeared to be copying from the 'thick book.' James thought them cheats. The assessor went through James's assessment. "You obviously know what it's all about," He said, "But your answers are different from the document. James was amazed. Then James had to actually drive a bobcat whilst the assessor watched. Well, not actually, 'watched.' He chatted to someone else while James proved his worth. Never mind, the whole class passed and James was now allowed to do that which he had been doing for the past decades. Only he could do it 'Safer' now having the accreditation? Maybe the others could as well! Yippee!


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