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'SAFER?' -- Another Answer?:

At the pub that night James related the story to his mate Tom over a beer. Tom laughed and said he had got round his 'Assessment' problem in another way. You see Tom drove a small rig from Sydney to Woop-Woop, and back, and back again. He wanted a 'big' rig but had to have 200 hours "paid OTJ Logbook recorded experience" to get accrediation. Tom only had 4 hours sleep each day on his turnaround job so this was imposssible. Tom laughingly stated his solution, "I paid $350,000 for a Mac rig and put a trailer on it. There is no accrediation required if you put a trailer on it!"

James laughed all the way home. The next day he 'phoned Mobil. He had a "Cocky's" 1500 litre diesel tank purchased and wanted it filled with diesel to save trips into town. The tank was old, mounted on legs. Stood some 2 metres high and had a simple ladder for the delivery person to climb.

"'Allo, yes it's one of your tanks. Got your label on it." James opened to the bloke on the other end of the 'phone. "Can't fill it, mate." Was the reply. Puzzled, James asked why. "S'like this. It's alleged we used to sell them tanks but the latest OH&S regs mean you have to have a special platform and ladder. The ladder must be at a special angle and the bars all around ensure the delivery person can't fall off. We can sell you a kit to modify the one you've got." "How much?" Asked James. "$700." The Mobil man replied, "But delivery is 6 months." James was astounded! "Cocky's all over Australia got these tanks. Had 'em for decades. How many delivery blokes have fell off?" Was James's aggravated reply. It was met with silence from the Mobil man. "OK, what else can I do?" Asked James. "You can cut the legs off and then we can fill it." Was the amazing reply. "Cut the bloody legs off! What happens if there's a bushfire?" Retorted James, angrily. "Mow or Roundup the grass around it." Was the reply. "And how do I pump the bloody diesel without the gravity-feed when the legs are off?" Retorted James. "Hand-pump." Came the answer. "Hand pump 200 litres at a time! Shit! You must be joking!" James angrily retorted, then added, "What if I bought one from you now?" "Don't make 'em anymore. We can't afford the OH&S protection the regs demand. Couldn't sell 'em anyway at that price. Anyway we've shredded all records so can't be held responsible if some Cocky modifies one and sues us." "OK," James retorted, "I'll cut the legs off. Now will you deliver?" "Gotta get it inspected first." The Mobil man replied. "Bugger, who does that?" Retorted James. "We do." Was the amusing reply. "By the way," The Mobil man added. "Good job your tank wasn't bigger. You'd have to put a bunting (a concrete slab) around it to catch the contents just in case it leaked. OH&S, you know." James never heard the laughter. He hung up in disgust. Like we all would have done before OH&S. Like we CANNOT do NOW!


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