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'MORE SAFER?' -- A cutting Answer?:

James cut the legs off the tank. The Mobil inspector arrived. Marked the 'Not-a-Mobil' tank as 'Compliant' and James set off to find an electric pump to alleviate his arthritis that would be exacerbated by hand-pumping.

He couldn't find one! It was against OH&S regs to electrically pump diesel! Eventually, his old store, Jones' had one and could refit seals to it that were diesel-proof. But --- James had to sign a document stating he would not be using the pump to pump diesel! James did, fitted the pump, had the Mobil mob deliver the diesel and started to wire the pump in. He hesitated. Probably some bloody OH&S reg that would be transgressed if he did. He decided to run a lead to the pump when necessary. He knew nothing about, "Testing and Tagging," yet!

With his Ford 350 dieseled-up he arrived at his latest job to build a wall with his rocks. There was a County Inspector there, waiting. "I hear you're going to build a wall?" James was asked. He nodded. "Is it higher than 1 metre?" The inspector asked. James nodded. "You'll have to get accredited to a Landscape OH&S Accreditation." Replied the Inspector handing James some literature and walking off. There was nothing in the literature about rock walls, just pergolas, shrubs, brickwalls and other bumf.

The bloke he was contracting to came out. "Done worry, mate. You aint buildin' me a wall, youse just puttin' dem rocks were I say, eh?" He nodded, winked. James smiled and wondered about all this OH&S stuff that seemed designed to strangle small business but now had some ammo in his fight to survive.

How has such a monster arisen without our input? iwishihad would ask? Who started it? Are we all not responsible for our own actions? If we fall off a ladder is it anyone else's fault? Only if the ladder is faulty. But, then, we can SUE!!! Isn't this what OH&S is ALL about?

OH&S is merely an interpretation of words, or perhaps, complex, newly defined metaphors. Legislative Lexicalities that created the 'thing' trying, now, after 3000 years, to interpret its' siblings leading, perhaps, to HERE?

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