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-- That is a statement?:

Algernon was a creature of 'Procedure.' A bachelor. He was a TAE10 Workplace Assessor. A very expensive one. He had been performing this function for a long time and even slept with the documents of Assessment under his pillow, for reasons known only to him.

It hadn't cost him many $$$$ to get his Accreditation. Just a 'phonecall to a 'mate,' for accreditation to TAE10 plus all the Electives. A model of Assessment, Workplace Assessment, he was. Those he 'Assessed' were fairly, flexibly judged according to the AQTF Assessment Dogma. Procedure-wise. Not content-wise. He loved his work.

His core role was to develop competency based training courses, training programs, educational pathways, flexible teaching and assessment strategies and learner resource materials to support the implementation of training packages. He also played a significant role in contributing to and implementing vocational education and training policies and practice at both state and national levels. He had a strong customer focus, a knowledge of current education and training trends in industry and the community, access to professional staff with relevant educational and technical expertise, effective management support systems and processes that are quality certified, developed and maintained through a quality management system complying with the requirements of the international quality system standard AS/NZS ISO 9001. This standard provides a model for quality assurance in the design and development of curriculum related products and services, the provision of consultancy services in curriculum related areas and the professional development of teachers and trainers. (Yukky-Boo!)

One could say he was a "bullshite artiste" with no knowledge of the real capability of those assessed, only the ability to make them feel warm and cosy?

Then, one day, his lone RTO Consultancy was contracted to assess an 'Hospitality' facility. He downloaded and extricated the relevant dogmatic Training Package, unpacked it and put it under his pillow, as was his wont.

The next day he arrived at the assessment 'place.' It did not appear to be an hotel.

The man he met inside was quite hospitable. "Mr B. Ordello?" Algernon asked. The man looked puzzled. "I'm Brian," he answered, hunched his shoulders and ushered Algernon into a large dark room wherein the staff were. Before Algernon could open his Assessment docs he was whisked away by 'Sylphia' who would show him the 'Hospitality Methodology' of the 'house.'

Within that darkened room TAEDEL401A Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning and TAEDEL402A Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace, seemed not to apply as he found himself without clothing.

The focus of this unit appeared dependent upon the cultural context of this workplace and the cultural background of this individual, it appeared, according to, BSBREL402A Build client relationships.

Sylphia was difficult to understand with his donger in her mouth, but, somehow it seemed not to matter, even to TAELLN401A Address language, literacy and numeracy skills.

"Assessment should take account of the cultural variances and requirements that apply in particular situations." This he remembered until his left-lobe handed over to the bicameral right-lobe and "Assessment" was gone, ejaculated into the depths of orality. He wondered what BSBAUD402B Participate in quality audit, would produce?

After Sylphia had finished, his left lobe remembered, "Evidence of competence should relate to different communication and customer service contexts and may need to be collected over a period of time." According to BSBLED401A Develop teams and individuals.

Then, Amelia and Babe replaced Sylphia. BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information and TAEDEL501A Facilitate e-learning made him verbalise, "e........e......" He had no Assessment dogma for "Menage a Trois!"

He spent innumerable days there building client relationships, according to, BSBREL402A Build client relationships and TAETAS401A Maintain training and assessment information, even BSBAUD402B Participate in quality audit seemed correct with Amelia's muff reciprocating over his verbal orifice.

He Assessed each staff member in turn and positional accreditable functionality and in variable numbers. He did not know why. There were no standards within his portfolio that covered this Workplace. Not even BSBMKG413A Promote products and services.

When he left he accredited the establishment as 'HD.' [Perhaps. "Happy Donger?"] But left understanding what real 'Procedure' meant, and really devoid of 'Content,' thinking TAEDEL404A Mentor in the workplace had never been as nice as what he experienced. He now knew what, TAEASS301A Contribute to assessment really meant!

He rang the BTELL temp who had typed the order to engage him inquiring what the definition of the lexical squiggle, "B. Ordello," meant.

Sorry. A "typo" was the answer. The "dot" shouldn't have been there.

How many of these "typos" exist in the lexical 'squiggles' we are to be 'accredited' to, iwishihad would ask?

Algernon now cuddles his pillow, with nothing inserted beneath it and has a free, lifelong membership with Brian's 'HD" Accredited establishment.

He is now really full of 'Procedure' and totally devoid of 'Content.'

iwishihad wonders if we realise that our future lies within those we vote to take charge of our destiny, whom have no such accreditational obstacles to either understand or overcome like we do.

They have their lifelong 'Gold-Card' and "Super?"

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